Dear Good Friends,

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We sure welcome you to learn about our work for our under-represented neighbors and colleagues..

Our website was designed to keep you updated on issues, basic needs, and commitments, as we serve, in partnership with you, those basic needs towards our unharmed Mother Earth, while serving side by side with the undereducated, the unhoused, the undocumented, our children of the undocumented, those living under a bridge, outside of and underneath the margins of Life.

May we invite you to click on “to look into justice’s face” to open to page one, offering a summary and an opportunity to engage with us and to help.

With Love and Justice,

Jenny and Bob


We welcome you to enter in to open to Page One, and to look…

“to look into Justice’s beautiful face…”
-I and I. Written by Bob Dylan, Copyright © 1983 by Special Rider Music. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission.*