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Biographies of Bob Ramsey and Jenny Norton

Bob Ramsey and Jenny Norton

About Bob Ramsey:

Bob RamseyBob Ramsey found his calling early in life as a young Boy Scout, he was discussed in an article in Boy’s Life Magazine in 1958 for initiating an emergency bicycle response team in his south Phoenix neighborhood.  Today, he is regarded by many as one of the fathers of modern ambulance service”.  Bob Ramsey has been an active business and community leader for over 30 years, founding companies in a variety of fields: medical, ambulance, medical supplies, air transportation, information technologies and systems, marketing, billing services and Mobile Tele-Medicine.  He has held 11 ambulance service CONs (Certificates of Necessity) in Arizona.  After the ambulance industry in Arizona was deregulated in 1982, Bob led the effort to design a new regulatory plan authorizing legislation that would protect the citizens of Arizona while stimulating the growth of a financially viable, cost effective and more stable ambulance service industry.

Bob is an owner and Chairman and CEO of StarWest Associates, the parent company of Professional Medical Transport (PMT Ambulance), American Ambulance, LifeStar EMS, LifeStar Ambulette, American ComTrans Ambulance in Arizona and Starwest Tech, an international company producing electronic products for Fire and EMS.

Post Clinton Global Initiative Meeting, Marc Chambers, Jenny Norton and Bob Ramsey Bob Ramsey Bob Ramsey and Jenny Norton(Above: Meetings with The Clinton Foundation)

PMT Ambulance is one of the largest Ambulance service in the State of Arizona. It provides 911-ambulance service and medical transportation for the Cities of Tempe, Scottsdale Paradise Valley, Guadalupe, Chandler and Peoria.

Bob pioneered, designed, and implemented the EMS public/private partnership and EMS models since 1980 many are
presently in effect with various municipalities in Arizona, Nevada and across the nation for dedicated 911 emergency and out of hospital ambulance services.  The cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, Avondale, Glendale, Chandler, Mesa, Apache Junction, Tucson, Aurora Colorado and San    Diego California are examples of those partnerships. In 2007 he designed and implemented, 24/7 in the field, comprehensive web based electronic medical records and real-time mobile telemedicine in 2010 In addition to providing ambulance service, he is also an author and national lecturer on EMS, active management systems and organizational design.

(Above, meetings at the Tempe Community Council with Honorable Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell and Honorable Mali Mayor Ousmane Hallé).

He, previously, founded the Southwest Ambulance companies in Arizona in 1982, and has also owned and operated various ambulance services in California, Texas, and Nevada. The regional Southwest ambulance operations were merged into Rural/Metro Corporation in late 1997, where Bob became the Executive Vice President. In January 2000 Bob left Rural/Metro to organize and direct the start-up of MedicWest Ambulance – Las Vegas and StarWest Associates EMS active management response systems.

In 1980 he founded both Air Med Inc., a transcontinental medical air service with a fleet of 21-fixed wing aircraft, and PM Air, an airfreight company that served the western United States.  He also founded STAT, Inc., a medical infectious waste disposal company that was sold in 1990 to Waste Management International.

A nationally recognized leader of emergency medical systems, Bob’s success can be credited to his dedication to serving others for the best possible outcomes and his ability to provide innovations of high performance services that implement and combine new technologies with renewed organizational behaviors and apply them in overall business logistics to the areas of customer, client and employee service needs, while focusing on community responsibilities and partnerships.

In 1989, Bob was one of the founding members of the Arizona Ambulance Association, a unique organization of rural, urban, public and private ambulance service providers, and he served as its President for 10 years.  He is also active in the American Ambulance Association and NAEMS Association.  Bob was awarded the national lifetime achievement award from the Gathering of the Eagles, EMS State of Science in 2010 for his many contributions to EMS.

He has served as a board member of numerous civic and community groups for more than three decades and in 2007, ASU’s Public Policy School for Executive Education named the Ramsey Executive Education School after Bob. The School provides innovative professional development programs and customized services that build the capacity of people and organizations that serve the public.  The following certificate programs include: Certified Public Manager, Tribal Certified Public Manager, Arizona Municipal Clerks Institute and Academy, Fire Service Institute, Management and Leadership Institute and Certificate in Public Administration for International Leaders. (Please see ASU’s Bob Ramsey Executive Education Program.)

For over three decades five Governors have appointed Bob to sere on various Boards and Commissions including the Bob Ramsey and Jenny NortonArizona Department of Health Services’ Governor’s Emergency Medical Services Council where he chaired the writing of the current ambulance service rules for the State of Arizona.  Bob also served on the Executive Committee for the EMS Council. In 2004, Governor Janet Napolitano appointed Bob to the Governor’s 9/11 Memorial Commission. Governor Jane Hull appointed him to the Governor’s Business Advisory Council.  Bob and his wife Jenny Norton were awarded: the Lifetime Achievement Award, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, 2010; the Cesar Chavez Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011; the ASU GAMMAGE Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Award in 2012.

About Jenny Norton:

As an ordained minister and endorsed chaplain, Jenny serves her denomination as an Associate Minister of Social Jenny NortonJustice, as well as the senior Chaplain (an appointed position) at Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital. Jenny (Rev. Jenny Norton) has also been denominationally endorsed as a prison chaplain and hospital chaplain. After serving for 18 years as the Auxiliary Chaplain for the Arizona State Department of Corrections, the keystone of her service now is to a small community hospital for the poor and the homeless, Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital (www.tempestlukeshospital.com).

At Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital, Jenny has helped to develop and manage a pastoral care fund to provide respite care for homeless patients discharged to the streets, and a voucher program to provide required prescribed medications for indigent and/or homeless patients who need medicine upon discharge, and free mammograms for the underinsured, uninsured and undocumented.

A graduate of Arizona State University (SCL) and of Fuller Theological Seminary, Jenny, whose career has been in public affairs and community service, also served our state in the late 80’s as an Arizona State Representative, where she sponsored legislation to authorize an industrial tax credit for child and adult daycare, to mandate use of clean fuels, to create corrections programs of home arrest and youthful offender program, and to rewrite the state’s energy policy, as well as to authorize ground water recharge.


A reporter from The Arizona Republic, Steve Yozwiak, wrote, referring to Jenny’s purchase and use of an electric-powered car during the seventies and eighties, that “State Rep. Jenny Norton has always been a little ahead of her time.”  The Phoenix Gazette reporter, Richard de Uriarte, agreed about her environmental activism, writing that “within weeks she has become chief advocate of clean-burning fuels and groundwater recharge.”

Jenny also had also served her City as a Commissioner from 1984 through 2008, as a Member of the City of Tempe Industrial Development Authority Board, a
mayoral appointment.  She is a five-decades-long volunteer and was Board Member of the Tempe Community Action Agency of Tempe, the President, Vice President and Secretary of Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary Board, a Member of the Boards of the Tempe Community Council and the Tempe Salvation Army, and a Trustee of Life Pacific College.  She recently retired as a Member of the Advisory Board, Compadre High School, Tempe Union High School District’s  Alternative School.Bob Ramsey and Jenny Norton

(Above, at Healing Fields for those fallen during September 11, 2001, with former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman, and former Tempe Vice Mayor Onnie Shekerjian).

Awarded: Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award – Sustainability, Arizona State University, 2015; Phoenix Union High School Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award, 2013; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr./ASU Gammage Service Award, 2012; Cesar Chavez Lifetime Achievement Award, 2011; Lifetime Achievement Award, Tempe Chamber of Commerce, 2010; Arizona State Univerity Hall of Fame Induction, 2007; Service in Action Award at Tempe Community Action Agency, 2006; National Woman of the Year in Criminal Justice, 2000; Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital Woman of Distinction, 1988; City of Tempe All America Woman, 1984.

About Bob and Jenny:

Decades ago, Jenny and Bob formed a social justice based community services foundation to provide grants and financial assistance to under represented communities as well as in support of health care projects, to provide assistance for education and training for emergency service workers, and to support community-based solutions for Behavioral Health Care, particularly to at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Jenny and Bob oversee charitable work and engage in ministry for global sustainability, training chaplains for work with patients and inmates, providing shelter and affordable housing for those in need, as well as prioritizing all areas of care for children in need.

Among their many general donations and contributions, specifically within the medical community, they have donated 150
Automated External Defibrillators for emergency use throughout the valley and donated over 30 ambulances, medical equipment and supplies to communities throughout Mexico and the Dominican Republic and they sponsor bilingual Water Safety Programs for kids through out Arizona communities.Bob Ramsey and Jenny Norton

(Above, with Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona Contruction Supervisor Paul Murphy).

To further their commitment to the community, Bob and his wife, Jenny Norton, formed their Community Services Foundation in 1996. The Foundation was organized to provide grants and financial assistance in support of health care projects, CPR and CCC public education, to provide assistance for education and training for emergency service workers, to support community-based solutions for Behavioral Health Care, particularly to at-risk and vulnerable populations, and to benefit the underrepresented of our communities. (Please see RamseyJusticeFoundation.net.)

For all the children of the world, including the fatherless, the homeless, the sick and injured, the fostered, the Bob Ramseyhungry and the helpless, Jenny and Bob give ultimate priority to wrapping their hearts around each one, in partnership with wonderful causes such as Angel Tree and Salvation Army.  During the Winter Holidays, they select gifts for the little ones of the poor, of those in hardship, and of inmates, through Prison Fellowship and Salvation Army. Also, during summer, they facilitate sending some of the children to Summer Camp. Considering the uneducated population of the underrepresented communities, Bob and Jenny provide many students throughout the Valley with scholarships for tuition, with eight scholarships provided each year through local high schools.

They also offer six grants and six fellowships annually to Arizona State University, in Justice Studies and Social
img_0021Inquiry, Religious Studies, as well as a research cluster in Gender Studies, with three scholarships for the underrepresented (named for Cesar Chavez, John Perkins, and Aimee McPherson) for students at Life Pacific College, as well as fifteen scholarships each year to graduating seniors of the Tempe Union High School District, plus three Ramsey-Hamilton scholarships each year to graduating seniors of the Phoenix Union High School District, and two scholarships for graduating seniors at the Maricopa Community College District.  Jenny & Bob are founding supporters of the Thomas J. Pappas elementary schools.

Co-founders of Tempe’s Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program, they underwrite costs of insurance and staff for the project.  As a retired member of the Board of Central Arizona Shelter Services, Bob, with Jenny’s partnership, continues to work with CASS toward ending homelessness in Arizona.  Additionally, they support the Boys and Girls Clubs valley-wide, and partner with the City of Tempe, Valley of the Sun United Way and Magellan to address homelessness through their permanent supportive housing project.

Jenny and Bob also walk alongside Habitat for Humanity of Central Jenny NortonArizona, as they help to build sustainable and affordable homes for the least among us. Their keystone build was in Glendale, Arizona. With 100 congregation volunteers, they constructed the first LEED Platinum Sustainable affordable home in the nation. To learn more see their Glendale’s Home Green Home the video that won the 2009 Rocky Mountain Emmy Award. Since then they have built a NetZero home and one hundred other completely green homes that are affordable, and are currently building four sustainable neighborhoods, in Tempe and in Guatemala. Jenny and Bob join with Habitat for Humanity, International to provide clean water and healthy affordable shelter in our nations of need, such as Haiti and Guatemala.